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Webinar Abstract

Title: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver: Demand-Driven Performance

Event Type: Webinar

When: 22/09/2011

Cost: FREE

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how cross-organizational and cross-functional alignment can be achieved, thus enabling significant improvement in Supply Chain performance.

Ultimately, the amount of revenue generated by any supply chain is determined by the amount of demand it can effectively satisfy.

Every Supply Chain encompasses the four elements of...

(1) Plan: Operations
(2) Source: Reach decisions on materials and services
(3) Make: Determine processes, methods, procedures for manufacturing decisions  
(4) Deliver: Develop appropriate logistical systems to reach the marketplace

Whether the chain involves sourcing and distribution-only or runs across multiple organizations with various conversion processes (production, repair, refurbish...), the TOC concepts are applicable. 

Key learnings:

  • How Plan can best integrate Source, Make and Deliver decisions for improved Supply Chain performance.
  • Understanding of how the many "PROBLEMS" of supply chains are the result of few CAUSES
  • More effective ways to qualify source/make decisions.
  • Leveraging demand variability and supply variability to better satisfy customer demand.
Presented By

Hugh E. Cole,
Partner and V.P. Solutions Development, AGI-Goldratt Institute

Hugh has been associated with AGI since 1993. As VP, Solutions Development, his focus involves developing, teaching and implementing constraint-based solutions in a manner that is customized to provide bottom-line results to the client. The overarching process follows the AGI Model of Strategy, Design, Activate, Improve, and Sustain (SDAIS). Relevant aspects of TOC – from the strategic use of the TOC Thinking Processes to the tactical implementation of its various logistical applications – provide the foundation for the solutions.

Working across both the private and government sectors, from maintenance and repair operations (MRO), to production, distribution, project management, marketing, and sales, Hugh has applied TOC to such diverse industries as electronics, chemicals, food processing, metals, printing, fabrication and textiles.

Additional Speaker:

Dee Jacob
Managing Partner
AGI Goldratt Institute

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