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Webinar Abstract

Title: Compression Thinking: A Different Look at Improving Performance with Sustainable Business Practice

Event Type: Webinar

When: 03/04/2012

Cost: FREE

Compression Thinking is a big jolt to business-as-usual, which unconciously assumes that resources are infinite; that higher prices will produce more somehow, somewhere, by someone.

If not, entrepreneurial geniuses will concoct technical substitutions and solutions, so we don't have to change. Unfortunately, earth is physically finite with more and more of us "compressed" onto it. 

Key Learnings of this Webinar:

  • Business growth and economic expansion cannot continue their current trajectory for many reasons, all interrelated. No easy alternative to changing business thinking is likely.
  • Both individual and work organizations can learn how to think differently, and change their approach to business. Performance trumps financial optimization. Profit is more a "design specification."
  • Vigorous learning needed if an organization is to be highly effective with customers using life cycle processes in a high tech world, and it boosts competitiveness besides paving their sustainability path.
  • One does not adopt Compression Thinking in one easy lesson. It implies mastering a big set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors. One has to dig in, but need not "know it all" before starting to benefit.

The webinar will familiarize attendees with Compression Thinking in four parts:

Why: the physical case for Compression Thinking. 

What: some principles of the thinking; i.e. look at what we physically do first, regard the precautionary principle more strictly, etc. 

How: Developing work organizations into vigorous learning enterprises to cope with this (compress their learning), and

What this means to existing companies and other work organizations using a few examples.

Presented By

Robert Hall,
Chairman, Compression Institute

Doc Hall is Professor Emeritus, Indiana University (USA), and from a business operations background, not environmental. He was part of the lean and quality movement in the United States from its beginning, and was a founder of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.

Compression Thinking stems from his book Compression (2009). In it, he addresses whether our global environmental situation is as serious as claimed, and if so what do we need to do. He concludes that the situation is so dire that only a very different approach to business and operations will allow us globally to pursue an industrial society quality of life.

From a company view this means asking how a company stays solvent while improving life for its customers. To achieve this, we must rethink many fundamentals.

Additional Speakers:

Jason McVay
Director of Operations
Compression Institute

David Veech
Senior Advisor
Compression Institute 

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