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Webinar Abstract

Title: Global Batch Traceability: Reduce Corporate Liabilities and Protect your Brand

Event Type: Webinar

When: 17/07/2013

Cost: FREE

Novartis hands-on experience: the story behind the result

How closely can you track products through your complex, widely distributed supply chains and manufacturing processes?

This webinar will explore the complex world of supply networks from its different product –related angles: purchasing, consuming, manufacturing, and finally distributing materials. You will discover how leveraging batch traceability applications can help you achieve full visibility into the genealogy of each product.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:
  • Accelerate time to insight into product batch pitfalls
  • Enable one click reporting as a basis for the execution of precision holds, withdrawals and recalls
  • Solve traceability issues, from raw material to point of distribution
  • Reduce corporate liabilities from product recalls, mitigate exposure to financial risk, and limit effects on your brand
Bringing along their hands-on experience, Novartis will share their implementation approach for SAP Global Batch Traceability solution. This free live webcast will demonstrate how incorporating such business processes can contribute to your supply chain visibility success by enabling real-world awareness.
Presented By

Daniel Fritz,
Head Pharma Supply Chain IT , Novartis Pharma AG

Daniel’s role is Head of IT in Pharma Supply Chain, responsible for the overall IT strategy, project portfolio, operations, and quality management. He has served in different Supply Chain and operations roles including IT Head for the pharmaceutical production sites in Germany and Switzerland. Prior to joining Novartis, he served as an officer in the US Army supporting engineering and logistics operations.

Co-Presented by:

Karl Christian Roediger
Solution Owner, Supply Chain

Christian is a solution expert for SAP Track & Trace Solutions at SAP AG.Christian joined SAP at SAP Labs Israel in 2001. Prior to SAP, Christian worked as a professionally trained logistician in a 17 years spanning career operating from locations such as the UK, US, Hong Kong and China as well as Israel. Christian is co-responsible for driving innovation with customers into business cases, ensuring commensurate solution development as well as the orchestration of subsequent go-to-market activities for SAP Track & Trace solutions. He is solution owner of the new SAP Global Batch Traceability solution.

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